Hi friends!

If you subscribe to you YouTube channel you’ll noticed that I have failed on actually posting… what do you guys do for consistency in posting videos and blogs? I think it’s just actually doing it. I’m taking the day off tomorrow to get my house cleaned up. One area included is my craft room… which I also want to be a filming room. I’ll let you know how that goes….

Even though I haven’t been posting videos I have been watching them. So, I thought I would share some of my recent favorites. I look forward to starting my morning with a cup or coffee or ending my day with these lovely ladies. It’s nice to have found some YouTubers closer to my age. In no particular order:

Kristina Braly

I actually watch a couple of her videos awhile ago while doing some research on the Louis Vuitton agenda. At the time I didn’t look more into her channel so I had no idea that she is working the YouTube and blog space. I think Kristina and I should be BBFs. (Maybe we can become internet BFFs). She’s so real in her videos. She focuses on luxury, beauty, and vlogging. She’s a physican and a YouTuber. If she can find time I can find time. (Watching her videos inspired me to write this post!) I’ve been binging her videos “getting to know” her, HB (her bubby), and adorable Gidget (her pup). She also have an awesome website: kristinabraly.com. Here’s a recent video of hers. I think it’s really shows how she doesn’t sugar coat everything… sometimes you buy clothes online and they don’t work for you. (Also, I want to go on an ASOS spree after this.)


Favorite Daughter Emily

Emily is another person I feel like I could be BFFs with. When I watch her videos I think they could have been made by me. I had heard about her through the Erin Condren YouTube/FB group circle, but didn’t check her out until I heard about her budgeting videos. This year I’ve been following the Dave Ramsey financial plan (I’m on Baby Step 3, if you’re familiar). At the end of December I binged quite a few of her videos and now I happily await her MWF videos. Emily is also following the Dave Ramsey plan and we happen to be taking Financial Peace University at the same time (we’re even on the same weeks). Emily focuses on planning, finances, and life vlogging.



My last gal for today’s list is Minnie over at Minks4All. Minnie’s channel is all about luxury. I stumbled upon her channel while doing Louis Vuitton research. I ended up buying my first LV bag (a Speedy 30. Let me know if you want a post on my LV thoughts.) on January 1st. Minnie posts M-W in the morning. I so look forward to my M – W mornings. I let the pup out, make my coffee, and sit down with Minnie. As with the other ladies, I feel like Minnie and I could be best of friends. She has such a positive attitude and is very honest with her thoughts on various luxury products. Her Monday videos are a q and a about lux brands and products. I always find them interesting. Here’s her most recent one.

If you watch any of these ladies let me know below. Also, if you have any recommendations of your favorite YouTubers share them below!


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